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M.A.T. – Medication Assisted Treatment Program

Admission Criteria

The Medication Assistance Program  ( MAP) is for those who struggle with Opioid and Alcohol Addiction. The Vivitrol monthly injection is designed to help reduce or eliminate cravings in relation to Opiates or Alcohol. Vivitrol is extended release naltrexone and is non-addicting.

An application must be filled out and submitted to the Boone County Community Corrections Program Director 60 days prior to release from incarceration.

This is a grant program to supplement the cost of medication assistance as part of a comprehensive treatment program.  All aspects of the program must be agreed upon for participation. Participation in this program is a privilege, not a right.  Exceptions will not be made on any requirements of participation.

  • MUST BE A BOONE COUNTY RESIDENT AND RESIDE IN BOONE COUNTY UPON RELEASE FROM INCARCERATION.  Must have a pending felony case. (New charges or violation )
  • Must successfully complete the Addiction Treatment Program in the BC Jail.
  • Must attend a minimum of 6 months of Aftercare upon release.
  • Must sign a payment agreement for reimbursement for the Jail Treatment Program
  • Must have a Felony case and be actively supervised by Probation or Community Corrections.
  • Must sign a 4th Amendment Waiver for the purpose of drug testing and agree to waive rights for home visits and searches.
  • Must have an approved residence and co-residents must agree to sign a co-resident agreement and abide by terms of participation including no possession of alcohol, illegal drugs or weapons.
  • Must sign a release of information for all mental and medical health providers.
  • Must weekly attend 12 step recovery meetings in addition to Aftercare.
  • Must obtain a 12 Step Sponsor and continue recovery step work.
  • Must submit to weekly drug testing and pay for all drug screens.
  • Must agree to have an injection of Vivitrol within 7 days prior to release from incarceration * and a  minimum of 5 injections of Vivitrol upon release from incarceration.
  • Must sign waiver and acknowledgement of implications of Vivitrol injection.
  • Attendance for injections, drug screens, or supervision is mandatory.  Missed appointments may cause dismissal from the program.
  • Must agree to participate in an individualized case plan based on the Indiana Risk Assessment to address needs in areas of employment, education, and family.
  • Must agree to participate in all required counseling/therapy at any referral agencies.
  • Must agree to actively seek to enroll in Indiana HIP.2 or other insurance plan for continued care.
  • Must actively seek employment, sign a release of information for employer and provide time card and wage bi-weekly.
  • Must agree to fill out a survey at the end of participation rating the usefulness of the program and staff.

* Paid by grant.

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