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The above listed Defendant would like to be screened for Community Corrections consideration. He/She has been advised there is a non-refundable $25.00 Prescreen Fee that MUST be paid at the time the request is made OR prior to the pre-screen interview being conducted. If he/she is in custody, payment of the Prescreen Fee MUST be paid at the time of hook-up if it is not paid prior. He/She also understands that a home visit/pre-walk is required as part of the screening process at the convenience of a Field Officer. A prescreen appointment time/date along with necessary paperwork to fill out and bring with them to their appointment will be sent to the address listed above/facility if incarcerated. Allow 60 days for the screening process to be completed. If your client resides in any county other than Boone, a transfer request will be made to the supervising Community Corrections agency that oversees their county of residence, therefore this process may take longer than 60 days. There is a non-refundable $50.00 Transfer Fee that applies when a transfer request is made; this is due in full prior to any transfer request being sent. Please indicate the program you would like your client screened for. Do not indicate multiple programs unless you have previously discussed this with the Work Release Coordinator and/or Home Detention Intake Analyst.
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    ALL of the following supplemental information is REQUIRED with submission of your referral: *For an INSTANT OFFENSE – Order Finding Probable Cause, Charging Information, Probable Cause Affidavit/Police Report, Plea Agreement (if available), PSI (if available) *For a PROBATION VIOLATION – ALL pending Violations, Conditions of Probation, Sentencing Order/Judgment of Conviction
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