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The Boone County Community Corrections mission is to increase public safety by providing a cost effective community-based alternative to incarceration by providing intensive supervision in combination with effective evaluation and providing evidence-based programs in order to motivate adult and juvenile offenders towards positive citizenship.

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Boone County Community Corrections will be a leader in effective supervision and successful rehabilitation of correctional participants and will be recognized for the passion of its staff and partners by providing innovative technology and programs while improving public safety. 

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Am I allowed to go to lunch during my work hours?

Yes, when filling out your schedule for the week you need to include the time you go to lunch. It must be taken during work hours. It needs to be within a five mile radius of where working. You must provide a receipt at the following check in.

My work hours vary what do I do?

Talk to your employer about set hours. We do schedules on a weekly basis. Getting off early is not a problem (with in a ½ an hour); however, leaving late is not allowed as weekly hours are figured based on what is turned in at the start of the week.

Am I allowed to have knives in the kitchen?

Yes we allow you to keep kitchen knives however; they must remain in the kitchen. If not in the kitchen it is no longer considered a kitchen knife and can be a violation of the program.

Am I allowed to be on call?

CC does not allow you to be on call. You must fill out your work schedule a week at a time and does not allow for on call times.

I am the only adult in the house what do I do about getting my mail and putting out the trash?

When you come and go from the home for work or other scheduled appointments grab your mail and take out your trash at that time.

Am I allowed to do anything besides yard work during yard work time?

This is the time for you to do outside maintenance. (ie: Mowing the lawn, removing debris, weeding the garden.) This is a privilege and can be taken away if abused.

The program requires weekly payments. I am paid bi-weekly.

Advise the field officer of your pay schedule and you will be allowed to make bi-weekly payments. However, when doing so you must pay two weeks at a time.

Can I have more than one hour of privilege time?

Privilege time is earned. Please refer to the Appendix for your Level of Supervision. Remember, privilege time is a privilege and is not guaranteed.

What happens if I don't have work and I am scheduled to work? Can I make the time up on a day off?

If you don’t have work on a day scheduled then you remain home. Make sure you call into the office during business hours to have it documented. You will need case-management permission make up the work later in the week on a scheduled day off.

Can I go to the park for my privilege time?

Use of any privilege time will be determined by case manager on a case by case basis.  

Is it ok if my employer's home office is in Boone County but we work in Anderson?

NO. You must work in Boone County or a surrounding, connecting county.

What is a reason to call the on call number?

The on call number is for emergencies only. This number should not be utilized to request non-emergency schedule changes or for any other purpose other than an emergency. 

What if I need a schedule change and no one answers at extension 4?

Leave a message. Do NOT call multiple times or call case managers. We require 48 hours’ notice for all schedule changes, by leaving a message you will receive a return call no later than the next business day. Schedule changes are NOT approved until you have talked to a field officer and they have given you permission. Changes in work schedule are NOT an emergency.

What if work calls and wants me to come in today?

You need to remind your employer you are on home detention and require 48 hours for a schedule change. Changes are not approved if you have not spoken to a field officer and this is NOT a reason to call the on call number.

What is considered privilege time?

Anything that takes you out of your home other than: Work, seeking work, School, Counseling, Treatment, Medical appointments, one religious service a week and Court ordered appointments. Anything else that requires you to leave your home is considered a privilege.

Why is my start date not the date I was sentenced?

Your executed time does not start until a bracelet is placed on your ankle. 

What is projected release date?

This is the approximate date of your release from home detention. About 30 to 60 days prior to that date we will review your order and schedule you for release.

When can I stop for gas or go to the bank?

Bank stops should be scheduled. Gas stops should occur on the way to or from other scheduled activities. Gas stops should be as infrequent as possible and you must purchase gas during a gas stop. 

Does Celebrate Recovery count as two meetings?

It does not, all support group meetings will be counted as one meeting regardless of duration unless otherwise noted by your case manager. 

What should I do if I miss a support group meeting?

You are required to make that meeting up the next week. (i.e. If you are required to attend meetings 3 times a week then the next week you would need to schedule 4 meetings.)

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