Boone County Drug Court

Boone County Drug Court is a participant centered, evidence-based program that strives to support participants in their recovery by providing identified interventions, monitoring and supervision, graduated sanctions and incentives, treatment, and other rehabilitation services. Boone County Drug Court will provide access to support while maintaining public safety in the community.  

Services & Resources

About the Boone County Drug Court

Boone County Drug Court is a collaborative effort between multiple agencies in the criminal justice and local treatment providers to address substance abuse issues within our community. Individuals who participate in Drug Court are given a multitude of resources and responsibilities to help build a recovery community and work on becoming a productive member of our local society. Participants who successfully complete the program will formally graduate, and may either have their criminal charges dismissed or receive a shorter-term probation sentence.

Any questions regarding the program can be directed to Katie DeVries, Drug Court Coordinator, at [email protected] or (765) 482-2484 ext. 51

Drug Court Office Hours

Every Thursday from 1pm - 4pm 

Boone County Courthouse

310 Courthouse Square

Lebanon, IN 46052


Judge Lori Schein

Circuit Court Judge


Phone: 765-482-0530

Fax: 765-483-4420

[email protected]

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