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Forensic Diversion

Forensic Diversion Component  IC 11-12-3.7

Boone County Community Corrections (BCCC)

A  Forensic Diversion component of BCCC is established to address the growing needs of those Defendants who are identified with mental illness, and have been charged with a non-violent offense.

Offenses listed in IC 11-12-3.3 as excluded will not be considered.  Sex offenses or sex related offenses will be excluded.

Non-suspendable  Felony offenses will be given priority.

Program Overview:

Participants will be referred for consideration and screening by application to the Forensic Diversion Team (FDT).   Referrals may be made by the Prosecutor, Defendant’s Attorney, or Mental Health Counselor.   Defendant’s case will be filed or transferred to Boone County Circuit Court.


  • Must be a Boone County resident
  • Must be accepted into the program by the FDT.  All must agree that the candidate is appropriate.
  • Participation is expected for a minimum of 18 months.  Participation may be as long as 3 years.
  • Participant must submit to an IRAS assessment to determine  risk/needs.
  • Participant must submit to drug screens and pay for all screens.
  • Participant must be evaluated by a licensed mental health provider and have a diagnosed mental disorder.
  • Co-occurring disorders which include mental health and addiction will be considered.
  • Addictive disorders alone will not qualify.
  • Participant must agree to complete all recommended treatment.
  • Participant must sign release of information for all medical and mental health providers.
  • Participant must be able to pay for services provided by the mental health provider.
  • Participant must take all medications as directed and allow the case manager to monitor all medications.
  • Participant must meet with the Forensic Diversion Case Manager no less than weekly and appear before the Presiding Judge as determined by the Court for status updates.
  • Participant must be able to pay the program fee of $25 per month.
  • Participant must sign a Diversion Agreement with the Boone County Prosecutor’s office that includes an admission of guilt and agree to the terms and length of participation.
  • Offender must sign and agree to the BCCC terms of participation.
  • Requirements for successful completion for diversion of sentence:
    • Complete a treatment program
    • Clean drug screens (other than approved prescriptions) for 6 continuous months
    • Be arrest free during the entire length of program
    • Have all fees paid in full.


Will result in sanctions being imposed by the Presiding Judge or may result in termination from the program. Failure or dismissal from the program will result in prosecution and sentencing on the original charges.

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