Community Corrections

Work Release


The work release program is housed in the Boone County Jail.  Persons eligible for work release include misdemeanor and felony convictions with more than thirty (30) actual days executed sentence.  Inmates will receive credit for good time while participating in work release.


All participants will sign a 4th Amendment Waiver which is valid throughout their commitment.


The work release program will not accept participants pre-trial.  


Each person must be pre-screened for appropriateness to the program.  Employment must be verifible and employers will be contacted.   The fee for a pre-screen is $20.00.  The pre-screen referral form is to be submitted to the BCCC by the Attorney of Record. 


The cost for work release is one hours wage per day, the minimum payment is $10 per day.  There is a $100 administrative fee. 


While on work release, you are responsible for your own medical expenses.  Food will be served by the jail staff while incarcerated.  Any meals missed while at work are the responsibility of the participant.  Transportation to and from work is also the responsibility of the participant.


Participants are unable to attend counseling and support group meetings while incarcerated.


Work Release Handbook


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