Community Corrections

Day Reporting


Day reporting may be ordered  as a  pre-trial supervision of bond or required while a Defendant is awaiting hook up on GPS Monitoring. 


The Defendant is required to report in person at a designated time to the community corrections office.  Random drug testing or other condtions may apply as the Court orders.



$50  Misdemeanor

$100  Felony








You are to report daily to the Community Corrections office as directed.  (Monday – Friday  8:00 AM to 10:00 AM.  


You are confined to your home at all times except if approved in advance for the following activities:  

a) working at employment;

b) unemployed and seeking employment;

c) undergoing medical, psychiatric, mental health treatment, counseling, or other treatment programs;

d) attending an educational institution or program;

e) attending a regularly scheduled religious service at a place of worship once per week with a two hour maximum;

f) participating in a community service program; or

g) reporting for Court or program related appointments.


You must not work more that 50 hours or over six days per week unless with Director’s approval.  Work of 40 hours per week must be based on need and verifiable.  Failure to provide evidence of work/school (i.e. paycheck stubs/attendance slips) could result in you being restricted to your home.  Self-employed participants or participants working for a relative are to report to Community Corrections office as directed with daily activities agenda.  You must advise your employer of your committing offense and that your are on this program; if self-employed, you may be required to notify business contacts. 


If you are unemployed after two weeks of job searching, you may be assigned community service every other day until you are gainfully employed.  


You are expected to pay a supervision fee of $50.00 for a misdemeanor and $100.00 for a felony at the time of admission to the program.  You are expected to pay for all drugs screens at the time they are administered.  Failure to pay fees may jeopardize your continued participation in the program. 


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