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Thinking for a Change


Thinking for a Change is an evidenced-based comprehensive program based on the idea that we can learn to take charge of our lives by taking control of the thoughts and feelings that go on inside us.  Because our thinking controls so much about us, we can learn to control our lives by learning how to take control of our thinking.  The program focuses on teaching social skills, cognitive self-change skills, and problem-solving skills to give students tools they can use to make more positive, healthy, and effective decisions throughout their life. 


The program is based on 22 lessons that are taught over an 8-10-week period.  Each class is after school twice a week from 4:15-5:30 and is held in the Boone County Probation Department Penny Rader-Young classroom.  Upon completion, the students receive a certificate of completion and their probation officer is notified of their completion. 


Students should enter the Key Bank Building on the north side by the courthouse.  Once in the building participants will take the elevator to the second floor and the classroom is located to the right of the elevator doors.   Students shall NOT walk through the bank lobby when going to and from class. 

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