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The Indiana HSE (High School Equivalency) is an alternative for earning a high school diploma. Your HSE Diploma can be earned after completing a test based on five subject areas (math, reading, writing, science and social studies). The skills you are taught and eventually tested on are at the same level as those of graduating high school seniors.

    1. You can go to DWD: Indiana HSE to get more information on registration and scheduling, Testing Centers, accommodations, testing fees, Indiana HSE Candidate Eligibility, Proof of Identity, GED and HiSET Passing Scores, Retesting, College and Career Readiness, and Portability and Reciprocity.
    2. You can go to DWD: Adult Education: Locations (in.gov) to find a list of Adult Education Program Locations to prepare for the HSE.
      1. One location of  the Adult Basic Education Class is held at the Lebanon Public Library through Washington Township. It is a continuous education program for those who need a high school diploma equivalent. What was formerly called the GED (General Education Diploma) is now referred to as the HSE (High School Equivalency) and once you have completed these classes, you will feel comfortable with your ability to pass the HSE examination. Please visit Services – Lebanon Public Library (leblib.org) for more information about their HSE Class.

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We value the juveniles and families we work with and strive to make a positive difference in the lives of juveniles and the community. The juvenile is held accountable for their behaviors and given educational resources in the attempt to help them make better choices in the future. It is important to engage and involve families in our work with juveniles to optimize the chance for success.   

 Mission Statement

 The Mission of Juvenile Probation is to reduce and prevent juvenile crime; promote and maintain safe communities; and improve the welfare of youth and families that are served by the Court. 


 Promoting public safety by making a positive difference in the lives of youth, families, victims, and the community.

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