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Juvenile probation is a form of sanctions that allow juvenile offenders to remain in their communities. If deemed by the Court to be eligible for probation, the juvenile is supervised according to the conditions the Court sets. 

Programs & Community Resources

Boone County Juvenile Probation Programs and Community Resources are an invaluable asset to the rehabilitation of juveniles involved in the legal system.  Programs and Community Resources assist, support and help create the means to enable the juveniles and their families to learn from previous choices, strengthen the family, improve communication, and develop necessary skills to be successful in the future, which will ultimately improve the community. 


Community Resources

About Us

We value the juveniles and families we work with and strive to make a positive difference in the lives of juveniles and the community. The juvenile is held accountable for their behaviors and given educational resources in the attempt to help them make better choices in the future. It is important to engage and involve families in our work with juveniles to optimize the chance for success.   

Mission Statement

The Mission of Juvenile Probation is to reduce and prevent juvenile crime; promote and maintain safe communities; and improve the welfare of youth and families that are served by the Court. 


 Promoting public safety by making a positive difference in the lives of youth, families, victims, and the community.

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Justin Culp

Assistant Chief Probation Officer


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