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The Boone County transportation network includes over 300 miles of gravel roadways.  Although it would be nice to convert all of the gravel roadways to a hard surface, we do not have the resources available to do so.


The Highway Department is pleased to announce our newly developed road conversion program which will begin in 2018.  Our funds are limited and the need is much greater than our resources.  Therefore, a formal application process utilizing a systematic decision tool was developed to help us identify the best candidate roadways for conversion from gravel to hard surface.  This decision tool will calculate a roadway’s “conversion score” based on several criteria that are important to evaluate when considering hard surfacing a roadway. 


The Highway Department has identified several top candidate roadways for conversion and developed an initial conversion list.  However, a major component of the Highway Department’s conversion program includes an opportunity for Boone County residents to submit road conversion requests/applications for their roadway to be scored and added to the master conversion list. 


Where to begin?

The application process will require an initial applicant to fill out the Boone County Application to Initiate the Conversion Process on a County Highway.  The applicant must gather the data necessary to develop a road conversion score based on several criteria.  The initiating applicant will also be asked to serve as the primary point of contact between the land owners on the roadway and the Boone County Highway Department.  As the primary point of contact, the individual will be asked to communicate with and distribute information to the property owners along the project. 


Public Support

The single best way to increase a project’s score is by gathering public support from all of the adjacent land owners.  The Land Owner Petition Form has been developed to assist the primary point of contact in gathering written support for the project.  The petition form asks legal land owners to answer several questions which will have a direct impact on a project’s score and the decision by the Boone County Highway Department to convert a roadway.  An Appendix to the Application to Initiate the Conversion Process has been developed to illustrate how the Highway Department will adjust a project’s score based on information provided by petitioners along the project. 



These forms will be collected throughout the year with a cutoff each year on June 1st when they will be evaluated. Submissions after June 1st will be kept on file and evaluated the following year.


2019 Road Conversion Selection


2019 Road Conversion Top Ranking Roads Announced

The goal of our program is to convert as many roadways within a specified annual road conversion budget.  Therefore, the top 3 scoring applications are recommended for conversion in 2019.  The Boone County Board of Commissioners tentatively approved the Highway Department’s recommendation of the following roads for conversion in 2019.

  • CR 600W from SR 32 to CR 50S (Ranked #1), Total estimated cost to County = $142,000
  • CR 100S from 650E to 825E (Ranked #2), Total estimated cost to County = $164,500
  • CR 450N from 500W to Serum Plant Road Pavement Termini (Ranked #3), Total estimated cost to County = $142,000

For more details and to see how each of the 31 road applicants scored, click on the links below.


Download Rankings Memo to All Applicants

Download 2019 Road Conversion Score Tabulation Sheet

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