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Right of Way Dedication

When a Driveway Permit is submitted to the Boone County Highway Department, the applicant shall convey right of way in accordance with the Boone County Thoroughfare Plan. Therefore, Right of Way Dedication Documents are required in addition to all Driveway Permits, except for when the driveway permit is for a field entrance. Right of way conveyance shall be for the entire frontage along the county highway to which the entrance, driveway, or approach is connecting and is a pre-requisite for issuance of an applicable permit.  As outlined in the Right of Way Dedication Documents, an Exhibit “A” shall be included which may be provided a licensed surveyor, or you may use our simplified Exhibit “A”.  If the simplified Exhibit “A” is used, the owner must also provide a copy of their last deed of record as Exhibit “B”.

Download a PDF of Right of Way Dedication Documents

Download a PDF of Exhibit “A”

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