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Highway Related Ordinances

Vegetative Matter Near County Roads

Relating to Vegetative Matter Near County Roads


Dust Control Ordinance


(A)   Any person, firm, corporation or entity who desires to apply any form of dust control material on a county roadway must first obtain a dust control permit from the Superintendent of the Boone County Highway Department.

(B)   Any and all dust control materials to be applied to the county roadways must meet or exceed those contained on the dust control permit and in fact must be those materials which are approved by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.

(C)   The quantity of the dust control materials to be applied shall adhere strictly the dust control permit issued by the Superintendent of the Boone County Highway Department. The area to be treated is the sole responsibility of the permittee to keep and maintain in a manner which is safe for those vehicles accessing county roads.

(D)   The application of any dust control material may be made any time between May 1 to and including August 30. No dust control material can be applied after September 1 of each year without special permission from the Superintendent of the Boone County Highway Department.

(E)   The Boone County Commissioners reserve the right to request the Boone County Highway Department to prepare the treated roadbed for winter after October 1 of each year.

(Ord. 89-1, passed 4-24-1989)

Dust Control Permit


Frost Ordinance


(A)   Purpose.  This section provides for the preservation of county roads and highways by limiting the gross weight of vehicles operated on Boone County Highways during certain periods of the calendar year.  This section also provides exceptions on the award of a written permit by the County Highway Supervisor.

(B)   General provisions.

(1)   Any vehicle or combination of vehicles shall not have a total gross weight, with load, in excess of 24,000 pounds, except and unless a written permit has been obtained from the Boone County Highway Supervisor.

(2)   This regulation applies to any public road or public highway of the county system of Boone County, except roads or highways in the state highway system of the state of Indiana and highways in the federal highway system.

(C)   Time period.  For and at all times during the period of 120 days commencing on and following the first day of January, 1973 and for all calendar years, thereafter.

(D)   Exceptions.

(1)   Exceptions to these regulations may be made by the County Highway Supervisor.  Applications must be made in writing.

(2)   Permittees shall operate and move said specially permitted weight load only upon the roads and highways of said county system on the route and as directed in writing by the County Highway Supervisor.

(Ord. passed 12-6-1965)  Penalty, see § 70.99

Frost Permit


Working in the County’s Right of Way Ordinance

2017-13 Right of Way


Establishing Reimbursement of Plan Review Fee’s

2022-02 Review Fee’s Ordinance


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