Clerk's Office

Candidate Filing Information


Candidates interested in running for an office must fill out the following forms and submit them to the Boone County Clerk's office, between January 8th 2020 and February 7th 2020 at noon.


Large offices.  

Offices receiving compensation of $5000 or more must complete the following forms or paperwork.


CFA -4 reports will be required pursuant to the reporting schedule

CFA-4 Reporting Schedule

CFA-11 Supplemental large contribution report

CAN-2 Declaration of candidacy

CAN-12 Statement of economic interest


Election Calendar

Political Sign Disclaimer

Letter from the Clerk

Small offices.  Precinct Committeeman, Delegates

Any public offices receiving compensation less than $5000 must complete the following forms or paperwork.


CAN-37 Declaration of candidacy for precint committeemen or state convention delegate


Note:  If a candidate spends or receives over $500, additional forms will be required and campaign finance requirements will begin



All candidate filings must be submitted in person to the Boone County Clerk unless notarized and submitted via regular us mail

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