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Common Reasons for Rejection of Documents

ALL Documents MUST be legible.

Names not appearing the same throughout the document. Name of each person who executed the instrument appears identically in the body of the instrument, in the acknowledgement or jurat, in his signature, and beneath his signature. – IC. 36-2-11-16

Names not typed or printed identically beneath the signatures.

Prepared statement missing. Must have the company and name of the person that prepared the document.

Designation of the address of the grantee is missing on a deed. (EXAMPLE: “Grantee’s address is…”)

Incorrect recording fees. (See fee schedule).

Recording checks must be made payable to the Boone Co. Recorder.

Name of company and/or title of officer missing at signature.

Cross reference instrument number (or book and page number) to original document missing.    **Effective 7-1-2017 all cross references must be on 1st page if it is to be cross referenced in computer 

Signature missing or is not an original signature.

Legal description missing or is incomplete.

Recorded instrument number of a Power of Attorney must be listed on a document that is being recorded and signed by an attorney-in-fact.

Notary information missing or incomplete. (EXAMPLE: Country of residence or commission expiration date missing).

Real estate is not in Boone County.

Auditor’s stamp is missing. (Only required on certain document types. See recording requirements).

Recording of court documents must have the judge’s signature and be file-stamped by the Clerk.

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