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Auditor Forms

Common Name State Form # Description Type
Homestead 05473             Form HC10 Claim for Homestead Property Tax Standard/Supplemental Deduction
Homestead Change of Use 54890           Form HC10/CU Notice of Change of Use on Property Receiving the Homestead Standard Deduction Deduction
Over 65/Over 65 CB 43708 Application for Senior Citizen Property Tax Benefits.  Can not exceed: $32,610 in taxable income for filing single and $43,480 in taxable income for filing married Deduction
Blind/Disabled 43710 Application for Blind or Disabled Person’s Deduction from Assessed Valuation Deduction
Disabled Veteran 12662 Applications for Tax Deduction for Disabled Veterans, WW1 Veterans & Surviving Spouses of Certain Veterans Deduction
Rehabilitated Residential Property 49568           Form 322 Application for Deduction from Assessment on Rehabilitated Property Deduction
Rehabilitated Property 49567             Form 322A Application for Deduction from Assessed Valuation of Rehabilitated Structures Over 50 Year Old Deduction
Environmental 18865            Form SES/WPD Statement for Deduction of Assessed Valuation (Attributed to Solar Energy System/Wind, Geothermal or Hydroelectric Power Device) Deduction
Fertilizer Storage 45651 Statement for Deduction of Assessed Valuation (Fertilizer and Pesticide Storage Improvements) Deduction
Model Residence 53812 Application for Model Residence Deduction Deduction
Residence in Inventory 54861 Application for Residence in Inventory Deduction Deduction
Building Constructed of Coal Combustion Products 52500          Form RE-CCP Statement for Deduction of Assessed Valuation Building Constructed of Coal Combustion Products Deduction
Real Property Vacant Building 53179              Form 322/VBD Application for Deduction from Assessed Valuation-Real Property Vacant Building Deduction
Heritage Barn 55706 Statement of Deduction of Assessed Valuation Attributed to Heritage Barn Deduction
Abatement 18379           Form 322/RE Economic Revitalization Area Abatement for Real Property Deduction
Real Property 09284            Form 136 Application for Property Tax Exemption Exemption
Notice Of Action 49585            Form 120 Notice of Action on Exemption Application Exemption
Change of Ownership 54173          Form 136-CO/U Notice of Change of Ownership of Exempt Property Exemption
Address Change Form Change of Address Form for Real Estate/Mobile Homes/Business Personal Property Exemption
Sales Disclosure Form 46021 Sales Disclosure Form

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