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County Identity Security Protection Act of 2015




The Declaration County Form 170 is NO LONGER REQUIRED. 


The Recorders Fee Schedule has changed as well. All documents recorded and filed will now increase by $2.00 each. Please refer to our Fee Schedule for detailed information. This includes Uniform Commericial Codes (UCC).


During the 2005 Session of the Indiana General Assembly, the Senate Bill 503 was passed and signed into law. Its effective date was July 1, 2005. This is an identity protection statute that deals with the recordation of documents containing a Social Security Number (SSN) and the release of copies of documents that contain a Social Security Number (SSN).


Beginning January 1, 2008 -


The County Recorders in the State of Indiana will NO LONGER RELEASE FOR PUBLIC INSPECTION A COPY OF A DOCUMENT THAT HAS BEEN RECORDED WITHOUT REDACTING THE SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER (SSN). Documents viewed on public computers in the office or by remote access will have the SSN obscured from view and only a certified copy of the document will have an obstructed SSN. Bulk images purchased from my office will have been run through redaction technology and no SSN will appear on the documents.



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