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Indiana Real IDs

A Real ID is required for everyone applying for a new Indiana credential (driver’s license, learner’s permit , or identification card).  Applicants must bring documents to the license branch to prove their identify (name and date of birth), Social Security number, lawful status in the United States, and Indiana residency.  A Real ID meets federal government requirements for driver’s licenses, identification cards, and learner’s permits.

Persons who are not United States citizens (legal temporary or permanent residents) are required to have a Real ID and must present full documentation to apply for a renewal or replacement of their existing credential.  This includes providing documents which prove identity (name and date of birth), Social Security number, lawful status in the United States, and Indiana residency.

Customers who are renewing, amending, or replacing their current Indiana credential have the option of applying for a Real ID or a non-compliant credential, but are encouraged to obtain a Real ID-compliant credential.  Please be aware that a non-compliant credential will not be acceptable for federal identification purposes, whic are defined as:

  • Boarding federally regulated commercial aircraft (effective 10/1/2020)
  • Accessing federal facilities that require identification to enter, such as military bases
  • Entering nuclear power plants

Indiana residents who want a Real ID must bring original versions or certified copies of the required documents to the license branch so they can obtain a new Real ID credential.  Customers with questions about collecting their documents can call the BMV toll-free at 888-692-6841 and speak with a customer service representative for help or visit any Indiana license branch for assistance.

Whether you are getting a new, renewed, amended, or replaced credential, you will receive your permanent Real ID credential within 14 days of your visit to the license branch, provided there are no problems with your application or documentation.  If there are problems with your application or documentation, you will be contacted by a BMV representative.


Providing a change in Name, Date of Birth, Gender or renewal of your license.

If your current legal name, date of birth, or gender is different from what is displayed on your identity or lawful status document, you must show legal proof of the changes made.  Acceptable documents supporting a change include:




Date of Birth

  • Court order approving a change of legal name or date of birth.
  • An original or certified copy of an amended birth certificate showing a change in date of birth.



  • A certified, amended birth certificate; or
  • A Physician’s State of Gender Change – State form 55617, completed in its entirety by both the applicant and the physician; or
  • A physician’s signed and dated statement, on letterhead, that includes the language from 140 IAC 7-1.1-3 “<insert customer’s name> successfully underwent all treatment necessary to permanently change <insert customer’s name> gender from <insert prior gender> to <insert new gender>.”

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