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Please contact the Boone County SWCD to rent our no-till drill and a sure stand seeder through the months of March through October available to rent after completion of liability form on a per acre basis, the rates are as followed:

* No till Drill: 1-5 acre $100 minimum + $20 for every additional acre (After 10 acres the minimum is waived and it $20 per acre)

* Sure Stand Seeder: $5 per acre rate Rental Drills/Seeder

* FLEX II DRILL (no-till drill)

 * FLEX II has 3 specially designed boxes with augers and spindles necessary to properly dispense light fluffy Native Warm Season Grass seed (NWSG). Perfect for native plant implementation as well as cover crop planting.

* Box 1. A Small Seed Box, usually located at the front, is used for wildflower and switchgrass seed.

* Box 2. A Fluffy Seed Box, usually located in the center and containing a large auger-shaped spindle, is used for most NWSG (except switchgrass)

* Box 3. A Grain/Cool Season Seed Box, usually located at the back and having a long metal rod with smaller perpendicular rods to spin seed, is used for sorghum, oats or soybeans and tall fescues.

* * Operators manual PDF



The Brillion Sure Stand Agriculture Seeder provides precision seed metering and accurate seed depth placement, offering optimum germination. The 10-foot SS Series Seeder utilizes a Front Seed Box and a Rear Seed Box with agitators for bulky and chaffy seed varieties, as well as small seeds at a high rate.

* Front Seed Box: includes micro-meters for small seeds varieties.

* Rear Seed Box: includes agitators for bulky and chaffy seed varieties, as well as small seeds at a high rate.

* Operators manual PDF

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