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The district was created to provide the public with information about soil and water related to natural resource conservation; identify and prioritize local soil health and water resources concerns; and connect land users to sources of education, technical, and financial assistance to implement conservation practices and technologies.

 The Boone County Soil and Water Conservation District supervisors and staff are dedicated to helping land users/managers care for our Soil and Water resources with an emphasis on technical services, leadership, Education, proper land use, and watershed management.

 We serve agricultural and non-agricultural (residential and governmental) land users and managers.

Our Office Hours

Mon-Fri  8am-4pm


801 West Pearl Street

Suite C

Lebanon, IN 46052


Keegan Cougill

Natural Resource Conservationist

Phone: 765-482-6355 x8676

Fax: 765-483-5239

[email protected]

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