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Victim Advocate Program

The Victim Advocate Program in the Boone County Prosecutor’s Office works to prepare victims for their involvement with the criminal justice system. Advocates provide routine communication to victims and prosecutors, accompany victims to meetings and court proceedings, and provide crisis intervention services.

Victim’s Bill of Rights

  • Right to information regarding your case.
  • Right to information on compensation for victims of violent crimes.
  • Right to be free from intimidation.
  • Right to a safe waiting place before testifying.
  • Right to be notified of plea arrangements.
  • Right to have victim impact information included in a pre-sentence investigation of the defendant.
  • Right to speak at the sentencing of the defendant.
  • Right to restitution, if possible.
  • Right to be notified of parole proceedings (upon request).
  • Right to be kept informed and told the truth.

BCPO 2023 Indiana Victim’s Right Guide

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What can we do?

Assist in navigating the courthouse, keep victims up to date with hearing schedules, help arrange transportation for victims/family, provide language services/translation to victims.

What we cannot do?

Advocates cannot give legal advice. We cannot discuss case information with defendants without their attorney present.


How to get in touch?

Advocates can be contacted via the office phone at 765-482-6860, or by email. More contact information is made available to victims when charges are filed.

Who do we help?

We help victims of crimes and their families navigating the criminal justice system.

Who files charges?

Charges are filed by the State of Indiana after the police are called and a report is made. Charges are not filed by victims or witnesses.

Can I dismiss a charge?

No. The decision to dismiss is made by the Boone County Prosecutor’s Office.

How to stay updated?

Once charges are filed, an advocate will reach out via letter or phone to collect contact information and will keep you up to date. If contact information changes, we ask that you update the office. Case updates are also available online at

When do I call law enforcement?

Call Law enforcement if you believe a no contact order or protective order has been violated, you feel unsafe, or need emergency help.

No Contact Order (NCO) or Protective Order (PO)?

NCOs are put in place in connection with an open criminal case and close when the sentence is complete on said criminal case. A PO holds the same rules; however, these are requested through the court in a civil manner and can last longer than a case/sentencing.

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