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Food Establishments

Retail Food Establishment

-New establishment needs to submit Plan Review Application, food menu, blueprints of kitchen, specifications of equipment and payment to BCHD as soon as possible. Once application is submitted and payment received, an email will be sent within 60 days to the establishment owner on corrections needed.

-Any remodel or modifications that are done to an establishment, retail or mobile, needs to be submitted to BCHD prior to any changes made. An approval is needed prior to the start of construction.

-A new permit is required upon change of ownership or change of menu of an establishment.

-Retail Food Application pdf

-New Food Establishment Plan Review Application pdf

Mobile Food Establishment

-New mobile establishments must fill out a Mobile Plan Review, food menu, submit blueprints, specifications of equipment and payment to BCDH as soon as possible. An opening inspection is required prior to selling food in Boone County. The opening inspection must be scheduled by an inspector and mobile establishment must meet at the Boone County Health Department.

-Mobile permit is valid until December 31 of permitted year.

-New Mobile Food Establishment Plan Review pdf

-Mobile Food Application pdf

Temporary/Farmers Market

-Each Temporary Food Vendor must submit a Temporary Food Application to the Boone County Health Department at least 5 business days prior to the event.

-Farmers Markets Vendors also have an application that must be submitted to the Boone County Health Department. Lebanon, Zionsville, and Whitestown currently have markets that run roughly between May through November. Contact the Market Master for more information.

-All Temporary and Farmers Market Vendors must have a proper handwashing station at their booth during the entirety of event. See Proper Handwashing Station pdf below for an example.

-Proper Handwashing Station pdf

-Temporary Food Establishment Checklist pdf

-Temporary and Farmers Market Food Application pdf

Event Organizer Application

-Event organizer is required to submit application at least two weeks prior to event to the Boone County Health Department. Each vendor must ensure they are permitted properly.

-All home-based vendors must be included in the application and are required to maintain proper certification. Certification must be available at event to present to inspector.

-Event Organizer Application page 1 pdf

-Event Organizer Application page 2 pdf

Home Based Vendors

-As of July 1, 2022, Indiana Department of Health has required all HBVs to obtain Food Handler Certificate.

-Below is a Home Based Vendor Guidance document that goes into more detail about the new HB 1149.

-Food Handler Fact Sheet pdf

-HBV Guidance pdf

-HB 1149 – Home Based Vendors pdf

Food Protection Manager Certification

-All Establishments with a Menu Type of 2-5 must have a Food Protection Manager Certification for their establishment. The certified person must be an employee of the establishment and maintain a regular schedule at the establishment. This person is in charge of ensuring the food safety practices are in place and train new employees on food safety.

-New establishments or expired certified establishments have 60 days to obtain a Food Protection Manager Certification after opening.

-Food Protection Manager courses can be found on the Indiana Department of Health Food Protection website:

-Contact our office if you would like to schedule to take an exam through ServSafe.


-Fill out the complaint form and submit to [email protected].

-Food Complaint Form pdf

Food Ordinances and State Codes

Boone County Food Ordinance pdf

-Boone County Civil Penalty pdf

-Retail Food Code 410 IAC 7-24 pdf



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