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Standard Terms of Probation

You must obey all of the laws of any City, any State, and the Federal Government.  If you are arrested, you must notify the probation department within 48 hours unless jailed; and then within 48 hours of your release from jail.

You must keep all appointments made with your probation/community correction officer and truthfully answer all inquiries.  You must allow your probation officer to visit you during reasonable hours at your home, place of employment, etc.  It is your responsibility to have monthly contact with probation by either a scheduled appointment, a written letter, or as directed by probation.

You must first obtain permission from the probation department prior to moving from your current address.

(County/State of residency                 ___________          ).

You must not leave Indiana for any reason without first notifying the Probation Department.  Upon request, you must sign a travel permit that includes waiving extradition to the State of Indiana.

You must avoid associating with any person who is engaged in illegal activity, is of harmful character, or in any way is likely to get you into any further trouble with the law.  This may mean altering your lifestyle or changing the places in which you spend your free time.

You must work faithfully at suitable employment; or pursue either a course of study, or vocational training, or some method of job-hunting that will enable you to become gainfully employed.  You must notify your probation officer of any change of employment within 48 hours of the change.

You must fulfill all obligations concerning the aid and support of your family and/or dependents.

You must refrain from possessing a firearm or other deadly weapon unless granted written permission by the Court or your Probation Officer.

You must pay Court Costs in the amount of $        and a Fine in the amount of $______ to the Boone County Clerk, payable by CASH OR MONEY ORDER, NO PERSONAL CHECKS; payment is due:____________________ Your bond of $____________is ordered and applied to fees.

You must pay statutory Probation User’s Fees to the Probation Department monthly:

-$100felony/50misdemeanor for the initial month of probation:

-$20felony/15misdemanor per month for each month of probation thereafter.

You must pay the $50 misdemeanor  $100 felony Administrative Fee for Probation to the Boone County Clerk.


Drug and Alcohol Terms:

Alcohol:  You must abstain from the consumption or possession of any alcoholic beverage including any over-the-counter products containing alcohol. You are not to enter any establishment, or any area of an establishment, from which a person under the age of 21 (or 18 if accompanied by a parent or guardian) is precluded due to the sale of alcohol.

Misuse of Chemicals for Purpose of Becoming Intoxicated:  You must abstain from ingesting any mood altering substance as described in IC.35-46-6-1.  You may not introduce into your body by smoking, inhaling, eating, drinking or otherwise ingesting or applying any consumer product, medication or other substance where the act of doing so is contrary to the manufacturer’s specifications and/or warnings and/or where the purpose in your doing so is to obtain a high, euphoria, hallucination, or any kind of intoxication.

Controlled Substances: You must not possess or use any controlled substance for which you do not have a lawful and current prescription.  You must use any controlled substance prescriptions as directed.  Failure to comply with a physician’s directions in taking medication may be a violation of probation.

Marijuana:  You may not use marijuana.  You must not remain in any environment in which you may be subjected to passive inhalation of marijuana smoke.  You may not be around persons using marijuana.  You are to abstain from the use of hemp products. The requirement that you not use marijuana applies regardless of whether marijuana is obtained “legally” in another state.  A positive drug test for marijuana would be grounds for a petition to revoke or modify probation.  It shall not be a defense to a violation that marijuana was obtained by prescription.

You must sign a 4th Amendment – Article 1 Section 11 of the Indiana Constitution Waiver and file same with the Court/Probation Department. This waiver of rights is limited to search and seizures for any controlled or intoxicating substance as defined by Indiana Law.  This will allow random checks for the possession and/or use of illegal drugs, and/or alcohol consumption/possession.  Refusal to submit to a test, submitting a tainted urine sample, or testing positive on a portable or certified chemical test instrument is a violation of probation. You must pay for all drug/alcohol screens requested.

You must repay Pauper Attorney Fees in the amount of $       to the Boone County Probation Department. Payment is due immediately unless otherwise noted below.

You must make restitution in the amount of $        through the Boone County Probation Department to be distributed to the Victim(s) of your offense; payable to probation.

In lieu of additional fine you must pay $________ to the Boone County Courts Intervention Services.   You are to have an evaluation by the program and must successfully complete all recommended services.

Your driving privileges have been suspended for            days/years (relating back to the date of original suspension) followed by a  180 day   probationary/restricted license.

You shall not operate a motor vehicle without a valid driver’s license.

You must successfully complete       hours of Community Service Work while on probation.

You have been placed on “Electronic-Monitored Home Detention”, as a term of probation, for a period of          days.  You must abide by all the rules thereof.  A Violation of the Home Detention rules may also be found to be a violation of the terms of your probation.

Successfully complete any direct commitment through a community corrections program.

Attend Destructive Decision Panel. Read Jacqui Saburido story and make written report.

You must attend and successfully complete the Alternatives to Domestic Violence Program or an alternative program as directed by probation and pay the cost of said program to the program provider.

You must not violate the No Contact Order protecting: __________________________________

Submit to Urine Drug Screen today.

Probation not to be transferred without Court approval.

Pursuant to I.C.10-13-6-10 you shall submit a DNA sample to the Boone County Sheriff or the designee of the Boone County Sheriff within ______days.

Defendant shall report to the Boone County Jail within _____days to be fingerprinted pursuant to I.C. 35-38-1-28.

Attend Thinking for a Change.

This matter set for compliance hearing on ______________________________________________

After successfully completing any recommended drug/alcohol treatment and at least 6 months of probation, where “successful” means there have not been any violations of probation, all special terms of probation have been satisfied, and all monetary obligations are paid in full, the Defendant may petition for early termination of probation. State reserves the right to argue.

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