Health Department


Public Health Preparedness


  • Our goal is to increase the communities ability to prepare and respond to public health emergencies or natural disasters.
  • We have organized and prepared for such an event by:
  • Selection of dispensing/vaccination sites            
  • Staff training             
  • Volunteer recruitment (see our volunteer page)            
  • Meeting with our community partners            
  • Assessing a plan
The (BCHD) Boone County Health Department has plans for public health emergencies.  These plans are updated as necessary and are "Living Documents."  Changes are made to our plans based on lessons learned from:

Practice Exercises- Health Department personnel, community partners, and volunteers practice responding to public health emergencies.  We then evaluate the effectiveness of our response and devise an improvement plan.

Public Health Emergencies that occur in other counties or states- BCHD pays attention to responses made by others and strives to adopt "Best Practices." Education- BCHD endeavors to take advantage of preparedness education opportunities.

BCHD public health emergency response plans include collaboration with county stakeholders.  The degree of involvement of other agencies or stakeholders is dependent upon the type and magnitude of response that is required for each public health emergency.

  To find out how you can be prepared at home and at work visit these links:

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