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2018 Health Board Meetings Dates


Health Board meetings are held in the Connie Lamar Room in the Boone County Office building, located at 116 W. Washington St., Lebanon, Indiana. The meetings will begin at 6:00pm (unless otherwise noted). These meetings are open to the public.


Boone County Health Board Members


Board Member


Term Expiration

Herschell Servies, MD Health Officer 12/31/2022
Gabrielle M Nicholas, DVM President 12/31/2023
Tricia Wright, MD Vice President 12/31/2023
Anne Patterson, J.D.   12/31/2022
Crystal L. Jones, MD   12/31/2023
Michael Reynolds   12/31/2022
Paulette S Berger, B.S., M.S.   12/31/2023
John Cowan   12/31/2022

Lisa Younts, RN

Administrator / Nursing & Vital Records Director

Boone County Office Building

116 W Washington St

Suite B202 Lebanon, IN 46052

Office Hours

8 AM - 4 PM

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