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Each year some 40,000 cases of elder abuse and neglect occur in Indiana. Sadly enough, only 20% of cases are ever reported to authorities.


There are also thousands of adults (anyone over 18 years-of-age) who are at risk of being physically, emotionally or financially abused due to mental or physical challenges.


The Boone County Prosecutor’s Office, Adult Protective Services division has developed this website to educate the public about this silent epidemic that faces our State and County—abuse and exploitation of endangered adults of all ages, including our “Seasoned Seniors.”


If you or someone you love is being abused or neglected, please contact our office, the Boone County Sheriff’s Department or the State’s toll-free abuse hotline at 1-800-992-6978 or contact Boone County APS investigator Mary Ledford at 317-327-1947 or by fax 317-327-5404.


Don’t make excuses or look the other way. If you suspect something is wrong, it probably is. Your phone call might very well save the life of someone you care about.



What is adult protective services?


Whether they are spending precious time with grandchildren or pursuing a passion such as gardening, music or sports, today’s seasoned seniors are living longer and enjoying their lives. Adult Protective Services (APS) protects the rights of seniors to live independent lives— free from physical, emotional and financial abuse.


APS does this through enforcing state laws designed to protect endangered adults from those who would victimize them and also from self-neglect. The central Indiana APS division (Unit 8) works closely with the Prosecutor’s Offices in Boone, Hamilton, Hendricks and Marion Counties to investigate complaints.


Unit 8 averages about 500 calls per month with reports of self-neglect and financial exploitation most commonly reported. (About 40% of the complaints Unit 8 receives are for self neglect.) Statewide, almost 70% of the complaints made to APS are substantiated.


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