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Proposed Bridge Improvement Project in Boone County


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Public Hearing regarding Bridge 41


Bridge 41 Presentation



The Boone County Commissioners will host a public hearing on Monday April 12, 2021 at the Boone County Annex Building in the Connie Lamar Room, located at 116 West Washington Street, Lebanon, Indiana 46052, the hearing will begin at 6:30 p.m.  The purpose of the public hearing is to offer all interested persons an opportunity to comment on current preliminary design plans for the proposed project involving Bridge No. 41 on CR 200 East over Sugar Creek, approximately 3.48 miles north of SR 47 in Clinton Township, in Boone County, Indiana. If you would like more information please click hereClick Here


The Boone County Highway Department has several projects that are in various stages of development and/or construction.  The projects can be categorized into Bridge, Expansion & Safety, and Maintenance projects. 


Bridge Projects


The Boone County Highway Department is responsible for bridges that have a span of 20 or more feet on all roads in Boone County, which are not state highways.   Every two years, inspections are performed on every bridge structure and a project priority list is developed based on the conditions found during these inspections and available funding.  Bridge rehabilitations and replacements require structural analysis and the preparation of detailed design plans.  These projects are typically much more expensive and often require the county to leverage federal funding to offset the design and/or construction costs. For a detailed list of bridge projects currently under development or construction, visit our Bridge Projects page.



Expansion and Safety Projects


Road expansion projects include improvements such as new roadways on new alignment, reconstruction of existing roadways, and projects where travel lanes are being added (i.e. upgrade from two lanes to four).  Road safety projects involve work such as intersection upgrades and curve corrections. These projects are more expensive than road maintenance and surface treatment projects and often require the county to leverage state or federal funding to offset the design and/or construction costs.  For a detailed list of road expansion and safety projects currently under development or construction, visit our Expansion and Safety Projects page.


Preservation Projects


Every year, the Boone County Highway Department develops a summer road program focused on preserving the current condition or extending the life of our existing road system.  We are regularly preserving our gravel road system by grading and adding gravel where necessary.  The annual cost of materials purchased for our gravel road system is typically around $300,000.  In addition to our investment in our gravel road system, we also utilize various surface techniques to preserve our paved-road system based on the findings of our annual inspections and outlined in our asset management plan.  Check out our documents page to review a full copy of our latest pavement-asset management plan.  Many of the road preservation projects are performed by our own forces, however, we develop contract packages for and bid out many of the larger resurfacing projects included in our annual program.  For a detailed description of this year’s road preservation program, visit our Road Preservation Projects  page.