Adult Probation

Interstate Transfers of Probation


Transferring your probation to another state has numerous stipulations that can be viewed at


If you believe you are eligible for an interstate transfer, please bring $125 to the probation department at the time of sentencing so that your request can be processed.  We are unable to submit any applications for transfers without this payment.   The national transfer organization is for the transfer of probationers with a felony supervision. The only exception to this is a misdemeanor OWI conviction, if the person has a previous OWI conviction.  


Intrastate Transfers of Probation


If you reside in another county but have been sentenced by a Boone County Judge, you will be eligible to transfer your probation.  Receiving counties may accept a transfer if you have employment or school in that county but they are not required to do so.    The sentencing Court must also approve the transfer request and your Probation Officer will prepare the necessary application. 

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