Adult Probation

Drug Testing Policy


If you are on probation, you might be required to provide a urine or hair sample for testing.  All drug screens are observed.  You have one hour to produce urine when required. The staff observing your collection will give you two opportunities.  If you cannot produce a urine sample you may be offered hair/fingernail testing. The test is $80 and must be paid in advance before the test will be administered.  This must be within 24 hours of your failed attempt to produce a urine sample.


All prescriptions must be on file with your Probation Officer at the time of your drug screen.  All medications past the labeled prescribed dosage date will not be acceptable.


If you cannot comply with the above stated procedures, a refusal of drug testing may be filed with the Court. 


Probationers are responsible for the cost of all drug screens.  Fees incurred are based on the type of screen performed.  This is in addition to any fees already assessed by the Court. 

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