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Boone County was established in 1830, named after and in honor of Daniel Boone. The Boone County Superior Court I was established in 1968 by the Indiana State Legislature. The Honorable Paul Johnson was the first Judge of Boone Superior Court I. There have been 4 different Superior Court I Judges in Boone County’s history. Their terms of service have varied from 2 years to 18 years.

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About Indiana Courts

The Indiana Constitution directs that the State be divided into several circuits by the General Assembly. Of the 92 counties in Indiana, 88 have circuit courts. The remaining four counties are divided into joint circuit courts of two counties each. There are just over 100 circuit court judges in the State of Indiana.

 The circuit courts are vested with unlimited trial jurisdiction in all cases, except where exclusive or concurrent jurisdiction is conferred upon other courts.

 Superior courts are created by statutes enacted by the General Assembly. Though their jurisdiction may vary from county to county, for the most part they are courts of general jurisdiction. There are approximately just over 200 Superior Courts in the State of Indiana.

 City and Town courts may be created by local ordinance. Their jurisdiction is very limited, usually limited to city ordinance violations, infractions and misdemeanors. Boone County has five City and Town courts, located in Zionsville, Jamestown, Whitestown, Lebanon and Thorntown.

About Judge Kincaid

Judge Matthew C. Kincaid is the presiding Judge of the Boone Superior Court I. He was elected in 2002. Boone County Superior Court I has criminal, civil, and probate jurisdiction in Boone County. Civil cases may be filed in the Circuit Court, or in Superior Court I or II, at the discretion of the person or entity filing the case. Criminal cases are filed in the three courts pursuant to a local rule approved by the Indiana Supreme Court. The Boone County Circuit Court has exclusive jurisdiction of all Juvenile matters (Paternity, Children in Need of Services, and Juvenile Delinquency and Status offense cases). Boone County Superior Court I has exclusive jurisdiction over probate cases (Estates and Adoptions) and Boone County Superior Court II has exclusive jurisdiction over Small claims cases. All three courts have developed critical expertise in their subject matter jurisdiction. Judge Lori Schein is the Judge of the Boone County Circuit Court and Bruce Petit is the Judge of the Boone County Superior Court II.

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