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Outdoor Warning Sirens

Outdoor warning sirens are only intended to warn people who are outdoors and not intended to warn residents inside their home.  The sirens are owned and maintained by the municipality where the siren is located.  Please contact the Boone County EMA if a siren near you is not operating and the EMA will contact the municipality for the siren repair.  Sirens are grouped and sounded by municipality.  This allows for the sirens to be activated based on locations directly in the warning polygon or storms path.

Sounding the Sirens

Boone County sounds the sirens under the following conditions

  1. A TORNADO WARNING has been issued for Boone County by the National Weather Service Indianapolis Area Forecast Office.
  2. When a Public Safety Officer (Police, Fire, EMS, EMA) reports sighting a Funnel Cloud or Tornado in Boone County
  3. If a Tornado is confirmed on the ground in a neighboring county and the storm path includes Boone County, even if a warning is not yet issued by the National Weather Service

Boone County does not sound an all-clear siren.  Please listen to your NOAA Weather Radio, Smart 911 notifications, or other info source.

Testing the Sirens

Tornado Siren Testing

  1. Tornado sirens will be tested on the third Friday of each month at Noon
  2. Testing will NOT take place:
    • During times when thunderstorms are predicted in the area or are actually in the area
    • During freezing weather conditions

If the sirens are not tested due to either of the above situations, the sirens will be audibly tested at the next regularly scheduled date and time.  There will be no “make-up” test.

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