Surveyor's Office

Surveyor's Office


The duties of the county surveyor have expanded over the years, and the use of modern technology has made the office an important depository of information.

The surveyor must prepare, maintain, and keep in their office a legal survey record book showing maps of sections, grants, subdivisions, or groups of such areas in sufficient detail so that the location of each is shown.

The surveyor maintains a corner stone record book. The information is the basis for determining the location of parcels within the county.

In addition, the surveyor supervises all regulated drain construction, reconstruction, and maintenance. County surveyors also serve as an ex-offico member of the county drainage board, and serve as a member of the county plan commission.

Our founding fathers placed the office of county surveyor in the State Constitution. They wanted to keep people with the knowledge of county parcels, town and city boundaries, drains and topography as officeholders elected by the people. They wanted the surveyors to remain in service to their counties for longer periods of time and, therefore, did not impose term limits on County Surveyors. (IC 36-2-12)


Indiana County Surveyor's Association


RDE/UDE – Regulated Legal Drain Easements

NO Fences, Landscaping, Decks/Patios or any Accessory Structures can be placed within the RDE/UDE Easements within the jurisdiction of the office of the Boone County Surveyor.

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