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Respect your community’s men and women in blue because they deserve it.
Our Boone County community is represented by various police agencies.  Below is a list of the police agencies routinely servicing our community.  While many of these agencies wear differing colors of uniforms, their mission of protection and service to our community remains the same.
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The officers who work for these various agencies are routinely called upon to wear a number of hats during the performance of their duties – and more often than not, more than one hat at a time.  For instance, at the scene of an automobile crash, they are expected to be doctors, paramedics, and traffic engineers. At domestic disturbances, they are expected to be counselors and therapists, as well as keepers of the peace. When dealing with juveniles, they are expected to assume the role of parents, teachers, and sociologists. When they are called to the courtroom, they are expected to be lawyers -and at the core, our men and women in blue are expected to keep us safe.  The point being, much is expected from our community’s police force and we should never take them for granted. 

On account of these expectations, the members of our police force are our community’s front line representatives and are therefore some of our most visible fellow citizens.  As such, they are constantly under the microscope. If they do not perform with excellence every day, they risk complaints from the public, discipline from their department, lawsuits from disgruntled defendants, criticism from the media, and even death if a situation is not handled properly. In addition to risking their lives, law enforcement officers risk their own mental health by dealing with the worst that society has to offer.  These burdens have gladly been assumed by our community’s men and women in blue in order to make Boone County the wonderful place it is to live, work and play.

The people of Boone County are extremely fortunate to have a hardworking, dedicated police force that is committed to making a positive difference in our community. As such, they deserve our respect and our thanks.  So, the next time you see one of our men or women in blue, thank them and make sure to tell them how much you appreciate what they do for us.  
Thank you!

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