County Council

County Council Districts


Four of the seven Council Members reside in one of the 4 districts in Boone County.  They run for election based on their district and they represent the citizens of that district.  Three other Council Members reside in Boone County but are elected as “At-Large” representatives and they represent all citizens in the county.   Below is a list of the council members and their districts.  Additionally we have provided a map that shows the district boundaries.


District Townships (Precincts) / Communities Represented Council Member
District 1 Eagle (1-4,7-9,11,12, 14-18) Ms. Jennifer Hostetter
District 2 Center (2,7, 14), Clinton, Jackson (1-3), Jefferson, Marion (1 & 2), Sugar Creek (1 & 2), Washington Mr. John Riner
District 3 Center (1,3-4,6,8-13,15,17) Mr. Kevin Van Horn
District 4 Center (5 & 16), Eagle (5,6,10,13,19,20), Harrison, Perry, Union (1 & 2), Worth (1 & 2) Mr. Steve Jacob (Council President)
At Large All of Boone County Ms. Marcia C. Wilhoite
At Large All of Boone County Ms. Elise Nieshalla (Council Vice-President)
At Large All of Boone County Mr. Don Lamb


Melissa Smith

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