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Common Name State Form # Description General Information
Form 130 53958 Taxpayer’s Notice to Initiate an Appeal/Correction of Error DLGF version
Form 131 42936 Petition for Review of Assessment Before The Indiana Board of Tax Review IBTR Form used to appeal the decision of the County Appeals Board (PTABOA)
Form 132 21514 Petition For Review of Exemption Before The Indiana Board of Tax Review IBTR Form used to appeal of decision of the County Appeals Board (PTABOA) on an exemption
Sales Disclosure Form 46021 Information on the Sale of the Property

Filed along with the transfer document


Form 135 51536 Affidavit of Destroyed or Removed Property Filed to inform Assessor when structures are destroyed or removed
Form 137R 17592 Petition for Survey and Reassessment - Real and Personal Property Partially or Totally Destroyed by Disaster Filed to request immediate tax relief  when property is destroyed by disaster
Form 136 09284 Application for Property Tax Exemption For use with Real & Personal Property Exemptions
Form 136-CO/U 54173 Notice of Change of Ownership or Use of Exempt Property Informs County Assessor when there is a change in ownership or use of Exempt property
Power of Attorney 23261 Power of Attorney  
Form 1 23341 Notice of Placing of Mobile Home Upon Land or Lot Informs County Assessor when a Mobile Home is brought into the county

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