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Assessment Activity Deadlines


Indiana law dictates certain dates for assessment activities.  The deadlines are listed below in an effort to keep all taxpayers informed and up-to-date.


  • All Property (real, business personal property, and mobile home) assessments are assessed as of January 1 of each year.


  • Application for Property Tax Exemption, Form 136, must be filed by April 1st in the main Assessor’s office located on the first floor of the Boone County Courthouse.  Please use this link to go to the Property Tax Exemption page


  • Business personal property must be filed in the Business Personal Property office at 127 W. Main St, Ste 308, Lebanon IN, 46052, by May 15th of each year.  


  • Form 11’s for the 2018 assessment will be mailed on 5/16/2018.  Therefore any appeals filed for the 2018 pay 2019 assessment must be filed by the deadline of 6/29/2018.


  • For tax season 2018 pay 2019, the real estate assessment appeal deadline will be 45 days after the Notice of Assessments, Form 11s, are mailed.


  • For tax season 2019 pay 2020 and thereafter, the appeal deadline will be June 15th of the assessment year if the Notice of Assessments are mailed by the county assessor before May 1 of the assessment year, or June 15th of the year in which the tax statement is mailed by the county treasurer, if the Notice of Assessments are mailed by the county assessor on or after May 1 of the assessment year. The Boone County Assessor will make every effort to mail notices prior to May 1 of the assessment year.


  • A taxpayer may appeal an error in the assessment due to an objective error not later than 3 years after the taxes were first due.


Please continue to check the web site as dates and deadlines do change from year to year.

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