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Statewide Cyclical Reassessment


The Indiana General Assembly passed the “Statewide Cyclical Reassessment” act in 2014 requiring County Assessors to physically inspect and re-assess 25% of all properties in the county once every four years to gather data relating to additions, deletions and / or changes to any buildings or fixtures, including outbuildings, barns, pools, etc. located on the property.


The final phase of the first 4-year cycle will conclude 12-31-2017.


Please see the chart below for the next 4-year re-assessment cycle.


Phase Ending Date Effective for Taxes
Phase I 12-31-2018 2019 pay 2020
Phase II 12-31-2019 2020 pay 2021
Phase III 12-31-2020 2021 pay 2022
Phase IV 12-31-2021 2022 pay 2023


The General Assembly believes the cyclical reassessment process will lead to more accurate and consistent property assessments for all property owners in Indiana. 


Please contact the assessor’s office to find out which phase (year of re-assessment) your parcel lies within and when you can expect a visit from a field technician.


The assessor’s office contracts the cyclical reassessment work out and has personnel in the field collecting data on all properties.  For identification, each field technician wears an ID badge issued by the county, a colored vest, and has signs on their vehicles that say;







Our field personnel should always come to the door, introduce themselves, explain the need for the visit and request permission to walk around on the property.  If no one is home, the personnel will do their work while there and a door hanger will be left to inform the property owner we were on the property.  The field personnel should never request entry into your home or ask for interior access to any building or structure.  They will, however, need to take pictures of the property.


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