Adult Probation



Probation is an alternative to serving an executed sentence in jail or prison for a criminal conviction.  Each Offender placed on probation has been given written terms of their supervision, prepared by the sentencing Judge.


The Probation Department is open from 8am to 4pm Monday thru Friday.  If you need to speak with your Probation Officer you may call the office anytime between those hours.   All county holidays are observed. 


Mission Statement


The Boone County Probation Department mission is to increase public safety by providing a cost effective community-based supervision of offenders in combination with effective evaluation and providing evidence-based programs in order to motivate adult and juvenile offenders towards positive citizenship.


Vision Statement


Boone County Probation Department will be a leader in effective supervision and successful rehabilitation of offenders and will be recognized for the passion of its staff and partners by providing innovative technology and programs while improving public safety.


Guidelines for Successful Completion of Probation


·         Obey all the laws of City, State and Federal Government

·         Maintain monthly contact as directed by your Probation Officer

·         Maintain gainful employment

·         Notify your Probation Officer of any change in employment or residence

·         Pay all fees ordered by the Court

·         Complete all recommended programs and provide verification of completion to your probation officer.


If you have been placed on Probation, it means:  for the time stated by the Judge you must abide by all the terms listed for you.  If you fail to comply with any of the signed, written terms of Probation, the Court will be notified and your Probation may be revoked.  If you choose to violate a term of your Probation, you could serve all or part of your suspended sentence or have your Probation extended.


If you are arrested or charged with a new offense during your term of probation you must inform your Probation Officer within forty-eight hours unless jailed; and then within forty-eight hours of your release from jail.


You will not be released from Probation until all terms are satisfied, including your financial obligations.  If you failed to make monthly payments toward the fees, you may be returned to Court. 



Kari Ragsdale

Chief Probation Officer

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Lebanon, IN 46052

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