Justice Center Expansion to Benefit Boone County Coroner’s Office

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Noah Alatza

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Justice Center Expansion to Benefit Boone County Coroner’s Office 


BOONE COUNTY, Ind. (September 14, 2022) — The Justice Center Expansion project will provide numerous benefits to the Boone County Coroner’s Office. 


Boone County Coroner Justin Sparks said the expansion is desperately needed; he is simply running out of space to fulfill the duties of his office. As the county’s population continues to experience explosive growth, the need for expansion and efficiency is paramount. 


“The data has shown us projected trends for growth in Boone County, and we have to have a facility to meet our current needs and growth across the county for decades to come,” Sparks said. “We can no longer exclusively rely on the goodwill of our community partnerships to provide the critical services of our office.” 


The morgue that Boone County uses is offsite and has extremely limited space. The main Coroner’s office is located in the KeyBank building, while storage for vehicles and evidence is housed at the Sheriff’s Office.


Sparks said his office is spread out over three locations. The new Coroner’s Office at the Justice Center will boost efficiency by consolidating their operations on the same campus along with direct access to the Sheriff’s Office.  


“This will be a state-of-art facility that will meet demands of the community, ensure dignity of the deceased, offer support for loved ones, and facilitate the investigations for criminal and civil liabilities,” he said. “The most challenging moments are being able to have privacy and respect for these families.” 


“The day the Justice Center doors are opened will enable us to work with dignity, respect, and forensic excellence for the citizens of our community,” Sparks said. 


The Boone County Commissioners are grateful to Coroner Sparks for his tireless work and appreciate his assistance in designing a state-of-the-art Coroner’s Office. 

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