Update on Justice Center Expansion Project

Aug 18, 2022 | Commissioners




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Update on Justice Center Expansion Project


BOONE COUNTY, Ind. (August 18, 2022) — The Boone County Commissioners provided the following update on Thursday regarding the expansion of the Justice Center. 


“We are pleased to see the Justice Center expansion project moving forward on schedule. At this point in time, we are nearing the end stages of planning for the new facility. The new Justice Center expansion project was approved in late June and will address the needs of our county’s growing population while expanding mental health resources in the community. The Commissioners are hopeful to start procurement in the near future and begin construction in the Fall. We are committed to working with the design and construction teams to ensure all goals and objectives are met on time.” 


Sheriff Mike Nielsen also provided the following comment on the Justice Center expansion project. 


“Our core team continues to meet in our design meetings. We are on track to achieve our project goal of 75 percent completion of our construction documents by September 2,” Sheriff Nielsen said. “Our next milestone is to have our design drawings completed 100 percent by September 30. This timeline allows us to have our construction manager go out to bid for materials in October. I cannot say enough about the cooperation of our team being able to work together and achieve these initial project goals. I look forward to continuing our partnership with our team and look forward to breaking ground in November.”  


The core team includes the Boone County Sheriff, Commissioners, and Facilities Department along with GM Development, the Veridus Group, K2M Design, and Hagerman Construction.


“As Owner’s Representative, we are privileged to provide guidance and oversight to the Commissioners and Sheriff’s Office,” said Veridus Group’s Jesse Emswiller. “Our team members continue to work integrally to finalize a comprehensive design and develop strategies to deliver a project that will serve the citizens of Boone County for many decades ahead.”


Attached is a rendering of the new Justice Center complex. Credit: The Veridus Group. 


For more information on the Justice Center, visit https://www.livinginboonecounty.com/





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