Statement on Approval of Justice Center Expansion Project

Jun 21, 2022 | Commissioners




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Statement on approval of Justice Center expansion project


BOONE COUNTY, Ind. (June 21, 2022) — The Boone County Commissioners released the following statement on Tuesday after the County Council last week approved LIT tax funding for a near $60 million Justice Center expansion project.


We are thankful to the four members of the Boone County Council for putting our citizens’ best interests first by voting to push this project across the finish line. Our county’s taxpayers will ultimately save more money in the long run because we can complete the project sooner rather than later while interest rates remain relatively low. 


The Commissioners have been working diligently throughout the past year to move forward with the Justice Center expansion project because we understand the needs our growing county faces – including expanded mental health services and more space needed for the coroner’s office. We as Commissioners have been proactive despite being met with several challenges. 


We are grateful to Sheriff Mike Nielsen for his work in leading the project and helping to develop a strategy for the future justice center. 


“Boone County is facing some of the most challenging times it has ever faced with a significant increase in population. I believe the County Council made the right decision to fund this highly important public safety project,” Sheriff Nielsen said. “This project not only sets a clear path for the Sheriff’s Office for the next 30 years but addresses the space restrictions from many other departments in the county.”


Boone County can now move forward with financing for the project because the tax has been adopted by the council. Planning, design, facilities, and maintenance of the justice center are exclusively the responsibilities of the Commissioners.


Construction plans are expected to be formally completed by the end of the summer, and the entire project is expected to last 20-24 months, according to the county’s contractor. 


We are looking forward to seeing this project come to fruition, but more importantly we believe this is a critical step to move Boone County into the future.

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