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Asset Management Program


The Boone County Highway Department’s Transportation Asset Management program provides a decision-making framework that is guided by performance goals.  The program draws from economics as well as engineering and considers a broad range of factors that includes physical as well as human resources to operate, maintain, and improve transportation assets, such as roads and bridges. Transportation Asset Management is a business process that focuses upon engineering and economic analysis based upon quality information to identify a structured sequence of infrastructure maintenance, preservation, repair, rehabilitation, and replacement that will achieve and sustain the lifecycle of transportation assets at minimum practicable cost.  Asset Management is about good management, effective leadership, and achieving the right organizational culture.  Both the bridge and pavement asset management plans are updated regularly based on regular inspections and condition ratings.


2017 Pavement Asset Management Plan


2015 Bridge Asset Management Plan


Boone County Thoroughfare Plan


The Boone County Thoroughfare Plan establishes goals, policies and recommendations regarding the development of a safe, efficient and balanced transportation system throughout Boone County.  The latest Thoroughfare Plan was adopted on August 7, 2017 by the Boone County Commissioners.


Boone County Thoroughfare Plan

Standard Drawings for Streets

The standard drawings available below were adopted by the Boone County Board of Commissioners on February 2, 2002.  Our department is in the process of reviewing all of the drawings and are developing revisions to all standard drawings for the purpose of bringing them up to current industry standards and to be consistent with the Boone County Thoroughfare Plan update which was adopted August 7, 2017.  Wherever right of way width discrepancies between these drawings and the revised Boone County Thoroughfare Plan exist the Thoroughfare Plan shall control.  



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