Treasurer's Office

Treasurer's Office


In Indiana, voters choose their county treasurer as it is a Constitutional Office. In some states, the person who performs the duties performed by county treasurers in Indiana is referred to as the tax collector. That title perfectly describes the primary duty of the county treasurer. 


The county treasurer is responsible for collecting taxes. In the case of delinquent taxes, the treasurer may order the sale of real property to pay delinquent taxes.


The treasurer also receives distributions of local income and other taxes that are collected by the state.


The treasurer is responsible for the collection of some taxes imposed by state law on behalf of the state and also has custodial and investment responsibility for all taxes and other reveunues collected by county government.


Together with the auditor, the treasurer insures the proper distribution of funds. The county treasurer serves as treasurer ex officio to the board of hospital trustees in some counties.

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