Boone County Commissioners Extend Gratitude and Respect to Veterans on Veterans Day

Nov 8, 2023 | Commissioners

Boone County, Ind – The Boone County Commissioners are deeply honored to extend their heartfelt gratitude and respect to veterans on this Veterans Day. 


This occasion serves as an opportunity for our community to come together and express our unwavering appreciation for the brave men and women who have selflessly served in the United States Armed Forces.


Commissioner President Donnie Lawson emphasized the significance of this day, saying, “Veterans Day is a moment for us to reflect on the immense sacrifices made by our veterans. Their commitment to our nation’s safety and freedom deserves our utmost respect. As commissioners, we stand united in thanking our veterans for their service, not just today, but every day.”


The Boone County Commissioners invite all residents to join them in expressing appreciation for veterans in their local community and across the nation. 


“Let us recognize the sacrifices made by our veterans and extend our gratitude to them not only through words but also through meaningful actions that support their well-being and integration into civilian life,” said Commissioner Lawson.


In honor of Veterans Day, the Boone County offices will be closed on November 10th.

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