Boone County Senior Services, Inc. (BCSSI) Provides Invaluable Services to Boone County Residents

Aug 14, 2023 | Commissioners

Boone County Senior Services, Inc. (BCSSI) Provides Invaluable Services to Boone County Residents


Boone County, IND – With its ever-evolving programming and serving as the county’s reliable transit system, BCSSI has not only taken great care of the seniors but also steered Boone County towards a brighter future, one compassionate journey at a time.


Since its inception on September 28, 1978, they initially served 125 seniors with three essential services. Today, BCSSI has grown exponentially and now touches the lives of over 2,000 seniors throughout the county. This remarkable impact is achieved through the dedication of their compassionate staff members, a strong Board of Directors, and over 200 caring volunteers.


Most people don’t know that BCSSI is the designated public transit provider in the county, known as Boone Area Transit System (BATS). It operates as a vital city bus service for people of all ages in Boone County. By breaking down transportation barriers, BCSSI ensures that seniors, and other residents, can access crucial services, connect with their communities, and enjoy socialization and interaction with their peers. The public transit program is in partnership with Boone County Commissioners. 


“BCSSI is committed to bridging the generations in Boone County,” said Anita Bowen, the Executive Director of BCSSI. “We are dedicated to providing support and enriching experiences that empower older adults to lead fulfilling lives, and are so proud to provide daily opportunities to foster community connection and inclusion.”


Among many events and activities the organization provides, BCSSI is excited to announce its upcoming BCSSI Olympics event, an inspiring celebration of ageless spirit and camaraderie among older adults in Boone County. They give medals based on age decades, and this is the first year they have had two competitors in the 100 year age decade. The event, hosted by BCSSI, will take place on August 28 – August 31, offering an opportunity to witness the remarkable achievements of seniors while shining a spotlight on the organization’s mission to promote independence and enriching opportunities. 


BCSSI invites the community to join in celebrating their annual Olympics event and witness the spirit of resilience and unity that exemplifies the essence of Boone County’s older adults. For more information about BCSSI and their ongoing efforts to empower seniors, please visit: to sign up. 


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