Boone County Justice Center to Provide Additional Mental Health Resources

Jul 13, 2023 | Commissioners

Boone County Justice Center to Provide 

Additional Mental Health Resources


BOONE COUNTY, Ind. — The Boone County Commissioners are excited to continue seeing development moving forward on the Boone County Justice Center. As work continues to progress forward, the Commissioners are looking forward to seeing additional mental health resources become available to our community. 


“Our new Boone County Justice Center is geared around our fact based work in developing partnerships with our Mental Health providers, Aspire and InWell (Integrated Wellness) to treat the mental health of our men and women who have become incarcerated,” said Boone County Commissioner President Donnie Lawson.


Approximately 80 percent of those arrested in Boone County suffer from a combination of mental health and substance abuse disorders.


The Justice Center expansion utilized a multifaceted approach by bringing the community together to provide individuals the tools they need to deal with mental health crises by making proactive decisions.


“Boone County is leading the way in terms of reforming our community’s mental health initiatives,” Lawson said. “In 2022 alone, Boone County’s Community Corrections program saved taxpayers $6.5 million and probation services saved $23 million.” 


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