Boone County Commissioners Honor Tom Santelli’s Accomplishments

Dec 22, 2022 | Commissioners


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Boone County Commissioners Honor Tom Santelli’s Accomplishments


BOONE COUNTY, Ind. (December 21, 2022) — Boone County Commissioner Tom Santelli will mark the end of his term at the end of the year. The Commissioners would like to recognize the work and many notable accomplishments that Santelli has completed during his time as the representative for District 1 on the Boone County Board of Commissioners and years on the County Council. 


Santelli’s work has touched the lives of many Boone County residents, from issues ranging in infrastructure, public safety, mental health, to economic development projects. Santelli has a proven track record of excellence in leadership, dedication, transparency and integrity to government. 


Commissioner Santelli has helped to oversee the completion of 15 bridges through various stages, from engineering to final bids. He helped spearhead an engineering award for the Sycamore Street bridge project in Zionsville. He also focused his attention on rebuilding two historic bridges in the county. 


His dedication to improving the quality of life for Boone County residents by focusing on mental health initiatives is another notable accomplishment of Santelli’s. He helped to implement School Resource Officers (SRO) in all Boone County Schools, securing funding for Sylvia’s Child Advocacy Center to provide assistance to those suffering from traumatic experiences. He has also worked to secure grants for broadband upgrades in the county and other areas of focus, benefitting Boone County and beyond. He has championed the Big Four Trails System from Colfax to Thorntown, to Lebanon, to Whitestown, to Zionsville, to Carmel, to Sheridan, to Kirkland, and eventually to Lafayette, creating a 70 mile loop.


Santelli has advocated for an unequaled commitment to public safety and mental health in Boone County.


His work has also been instrumental in fostering a team approach to governing and protecting “home rule” with the Commissioners, Council members, and legislators across the state. 


During his time as Commissioner, he worked to achieve the second lowest tax rate of any county in Indiana. He worked to move the Little League Headquarters to Whitestown, build a new sports complex in Whitestown and secured an innovation application for Convention Visitors Bureau (CVB) funding in Lebanon. 


On the legislative side, Santelli worked on tax legislation that preserved and prevented aggressive excess residential classifications, protection of equestrian and horse businesses against aggressive taxation for three years in a row. He also helped bring innovative development through the LEAP district and Eli Lilly investments, which create more opportunities for high paying jobs in the future. 


His selfless service has taken him to multiple boards and organizations, including the Drainage Board, Community Corrections and Probation, Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiative (JDAI), Family Recovery Court, and the Indiana Metropolitan Planning Organization. 


Boone County Commissioners Jeff Wolfe and Don Lawson would like to thank Santelli for his 8 years of service to the community. 


“Tom’s commitment to Boone County is undeniable; he has made a lasting impact for our residents, and we are thankful for his service,” said Commissioner Wolfe. “We will miss his expertise and guidance on a number of issues and will continue to use him as a resource. We wish him well on his future endeavors.” 


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