Commissioners Unveil Website for Boone County Innovation District

Oct 5, 2022 | Commissioners



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Commissioners Unveil Website for Boone County Innovation District


BOONE COUNTY, Ind. (October 5, 2022) — The Boone County Commissioners in conjunction with Rundell Ernstberger Associates (REA) have announced the creation of a website that will provide updated information regarding Boone County’s Innovation District also known as the LEAP Lebanon Innovation and Research District. 


The website can be found here:


The County Commissioners first learned in February that the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) is developing the LEAP (Limitless Exploration/Advanced Pace) District on mostly farm and rural land north and northwest of Lebanon.


The Boone County Innovation District is a planned development district included as part of the IEDC’s project. The goal of the district is to foster innovation and a mix of development that will protect the rural and agricultural character of Boone County, while also providing for future employment and residential growth in an orderly and prosperous manner.


Boone County hired Rundell Ernstberger Associates in July to assist with the creation of a Planned Unit Development (PUD) district to proactively and responsibly plan for future development in response to the proposed project by the IEDC.


Local governments use PUD districts as a tool to define and regulate proposed development. A PUD consists of two parts: a regulating plan and the PUD Ordinance. 


The County Commissioners have always prioritized the protection of Boone County residents and their way of life. 


“We have heard constituents’ concerns about the environmental impacts of this proposed development. Aspects of the PUD ordinance will specifically address environmental sustainability, preservation, and developmental flexibility,” said Boone County Commissioner Tom Santelli. “Additionally, the PUD will focus on compatibility with existing public amenities.” 


The Commissioners believe responsible growth can be only achieved through conscientious and deliberate planning.


“Preserving Boone County’s heritage and tradition is at the top of mind for the Commissioners as we work through this process,” said Boone County Commissioner President Jeff Wolfe. “We are eager but cautious to get the ball rolling on this project that will impact our county for decades to come.” 


An input portion has also been included on the website for the community to submit thoughts, ideas or comments to the consultant team. This input will be used to guide the creation of the PUD recommendations. 


“We want to ensure the public can find and access information about the County’s process and materials, and provide input 24 hours a day 7 days a week,” said REA Partner Cynthia Bowen. “While this will not replace the face-to-face meetings we will have, it is a critical piece in the communication, input, and transparency of our process of creating the Planned Unit Development District (PUD).”

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