Eli Lilly and Co. Investing $2.1 Billion in Boone County

May 25, 2022 | Commissioners




Noah Alatza, Coverdale Consulting

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Eli Lilly and Co. investing $2.1 billion in Boone County


BOONE COUNTY, Ind. (May 25, 2022) — An announcement was made Wednesday regarding plans for two new Eli Lilly and Co. production facilities in Boone County, a $2+ billion investment in the local and regional economy. The project is the first of several in the area being driven by Indiana’s Economic Development Corporation (IEDC). The Boone County Commissioners issued the following statement after the news. 


“We have reviewed Eli Lilly’s plans and believe their proposed project will benefit our county’s residents. The development will provide approximately 500 jobs, delivering strong economic benefits to the county in terms of employment. We also believe this project will draw broader economic benefits.


We know the IEDC is actively negotiating with landowners in the immediate area of the project site. So far, the state has already optioned for 800 acres of total land to the north of Lebanon and east of I-65. 600 acres of that land will be utilized for the Eli Lilly manufacturing facility. The additional land will be utilized for a future project that is to be determined.  


At this time, the Commissioners are still learning details of the remaining project proposals. The Commissioners first learned of the state’s plans in late February. Future developments just west of Lebanon are still being negotiated by the state and we are actively trying to gather more information. Although the expansion is contingent upon local zoning and annexation approvals, Eli Lilly would like to start construction in their first quarter 2023. 


The County Commissioners have always prioritized the protection of the Boone County residents and their way of life. 


“I believe in a free market economy, but I also believe in preserving Boone County’s long-standing cultural heritage,” Commissioner President Jeff Wolfe said. “Boone County is in a position now that this development will enhance our community’s economic vitality. I want our residents to know we are working diligently to ensure all standards are met and stick with the longstanding tradition of Boone County.”

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