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We offer adult and pediatric immunizations by appointment here in our office. To schedule an appointment, please call our immunization coordinator at 765-482-3942 option 3. You will need to bring your current immunization records with you for each appointment.  
Our children's vaccines are provided by the Vaccines for Children's Governmental Program and are intended for children who have no insurance coverage for vaccinations or current Medicaid recipients.  
Immunizations are one of the greatest medical success stories in human history, and has saved millions of lives.  Prior to immunizations, hundreds of thousands of children where infected and thousands died each year in the United States. Without immunizations, the diseases we are now protected from will return to cause illness and death in many infants and children. For those children who survive, they can suffer from chronic health problems or diabilities for the rest of their lives.  
Immunizations are the single most important way parents can protect their children against serious diseases. There are no effective alternatives to immunizations for protection.  
The following is a list of vaccine-preventables diseases that can be prevented with routine immunizations:
  1. Diphtheria

  2. Tetanus (lockjaw)

  3. Pertussis (whooping cough)

  4. Haemophilus influenza Type B (Hib)

  5. Hepatitis A

  6. Hepatitis B

  7. Influenza

  8. Measles

  9. Mumps

  10. Rubella (german measles)

  11. Pneumococcal (pneumonia)

  12. Polio

  13. Varicella (chickenpox)

  14. HPV

  15. Shingles

  16. Rotavirus

  17. Meningococcal (Meningitis)



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